About Us

Where Champions are born! Our mission is to Identify Elite Players and equip them with the necessary tools to fully realize their potential and also to Compete at the highest level there is. Kickoff partners with the local clubs to push these Elite players to the next level of their soccer journey. Players will continue to work with their respective teams on a regular base. What Kickoff offers is the opportunity to be challenged in all areas relating to soccer. The focus is not on winning games on weekends. Games are won, the week before the game.

Our philosophy is for Players to develop the attitude of COMPETING with themselves. The focus is for Players to CHALLENGE themselves to be better than they where yesterday. How do you expect to compete at the highest level if your work rate is only 50% during training and expect to perform at 100% on game day. We focus on Player development. We focus on perfecting each area of their game, whether is Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Defending, and many other areas such as Attitude, Respecting the game, Play with honor and Making other players better by leading with actions, just to name a few. the game.

We not only focusing on teachings within the white lines, we also focus on areas outside the white lines. By spending time and working with individual players that might struggle with Attitude, Fear, Disciple just to name a few.

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